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Curry Powder

Biryani - Pilaf

Kheer - Rice Pudding

From The Earth - Recipe Book $15 (includes any spice packet of choice)

From The Earth Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook South Asian cuisine in a fun and easy class. 

Sweet and savoury options ranging from Curry, Biryani, Butter Chicken and Daal to Kheer and other desserts.

A variety of flexible class options to cater to your schedule.

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About Us

The Origin of our Curry Powder


It is not just the ingredients and flavours that make our curry powder so rich and unique, more importantly it's the journey it has taken to get to your kitchens. 

Going back generations our curry powder has taken a spice route of its own from the land of spices, India to its exotic neighbour to the east, Pakistan and across the land, oceans and seas to the shores of Kenya. 

Our curry powder was created and evolved with the influence of its environment, each ingredient meticulously selected to reach the perfection that it is today. A generations long work of art.

We are so very proud to share From The Earth's curry powder with you. 

Our Mission


We strive to use the finest organic ingredients that are recognizable and healthy. Our products are handcrafted in small batches to maintain quality and freshness. 

We do not use synthetic ingredients or fillers. 

Our Organic Ingredients


Peanut, Chickpeas, Sesame seeds, Rice, Almonds, Cumin, Coriander, Turmeric and Paprika


Sam Choy


"Start 2018 right by choosing natural spices from Mother Earth, Aloha!!"

Farah Anvarali


"The most fragrant and easy to use curry powder. I can recognize all the ingredients and its organic! Finally a curry powder I can use in all my recipes"

Brian Kim


"Made the best curry ever using From The Earth curry powder"

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